Summary of Green Candidates

This is a data base of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the data base once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and their race. Use the search functions to the right on search by year, type of office or any candidate or race. Candidates not yet entered here may be found on state Green Party websites.

1990 Stats

21 Races in 1990

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/06/1990AK Jim SykesGovernor
11/06/1990AK Rosemary CrumbLieutenant Governor
11/06/1990AR Katherine AdamCity Council
11/06/1990CAElected Todd CooperResource Conservation District
11/06/1990CAElected Laura PricePark and Recreation District
11/06/1990CAElected Bob OrnelasCity Council
11/06/1990CA Mindy LorenzU.S. House of Representatives
11/06/1990CA Michael BoydSanitary District Board
11/06/1990CAElected Michael BoydPark and Recreation District
11/06/1990CAElected Debra LacerenzaWater Board of Health
11/06/1990CAElected Patricia AkersPlanning Group
11/06/1990CT Joel SchecterState Senate
11/06/1990CT Hans KoningState Senate
11/06/1990NH Lucy WymanGeneral Court
11/06/1990NH Chris HansenGeneral Court
11/06/1990NH Stuart LeidermanGeneral Court
11/06/1990NH Rob MorrisonGeneral Court
11/06/1990NH Guy ChichesterGovernor
04/05/1990WIElected David ConleyCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1990WIElected Frank KoehnCounty Board of Supervisors
04/05/1990WIElected Dorothy WoldenCounty Board of Supervisors