Summary of Green Candidates

This is a data base of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the data base once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and their race. Use the search functions to the right on search by year, type of office or any candidate or race. Candidates not yet entered here may be found on state Green Party websites.

1997 Stats

74 Races in 1997

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
11/04/1997CAElected Paul PerkovicCommunity Council
11/04/1997CAElected Paul PerkovicWater and Sanitary District
11/04/1997CA Donley FalkensteinCity Council
11/04/1997CA James MarshCommunity Council
11/04/1997CAElected Ted BertschBoard of Education
11/04/1997CA Lew TremaineTown Council
11/04/1997CA Brian DonahueCity Council
11/04/1997CA Fred GuajardoBoard of Education
11/04/1997CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/04/1997CT Elizabeth Horton SheffCity Council
11/04/1997CTElected Karin NortonConstable
11/04/1997CT Kevin BurkeSelectman
11/04/1997CT David IonnoCity Council
11/04/1997CT Steve MayCity Council
11/04/1997CT Walton GreenSelectman
11/04/1997CT Adam ShopisTown Council
11/04/1997CT Jack HennessyCity Council
11/04/1997CT John MozzicatoCity Council
11/04/1997CTElected Amy Vas NunesConstable
11/04/1997CT Paul BasslerCity Council
11/04/1997CT Glenn CheneyBoard of Education
11/04/1997IA John JonesCity Council
11/04/1997MN Deb KeeferLibrary Board
11/04/1997MNElected Annie YoungPark and Recreation Board
11/04/1997MNElected Dean ZimmermannPark and Recreation Board
11/04/1997MN George PuzakPark and Recreation Board
11/04/1997MN David LucePark and Recreation Board
11/04/1997NCElected Joyce BrownTown Council
11/04/1997NJ Nick MellisTownship Supervisor
11/04/1997NJ Madelyn HoffmanGovernor
11/04/1997NJ Edith GburState Senate
11/04/1997NJ Steve BauerCounty Sheriff
11/04/1997NY Millicent CollinsBoard of Education
11/04/1997NY Dale HughesTown Board
11/04/1997NY Jolie CameronBoard of Education
11/04/1997NY Albert MitchellCommon Council
11/04/1997NY Howie HawkinsMayor
11/04/1997NY Peter HealyCounty Legislature
11/04/1997NY Henry (Hank) BardelCity Council
11/04/1997NY Dania VegaCounty Legislature
11/04/1997NY Charles KahlCounty Legislature
11/04/1997OH Stephen VinesSchool Board
11/04/1997PA Larry ZalewskiTownship Supervisor
11/04/1997PA Thomas Alan LinzeyTownship Supervisor
11/04/1997TX Karen HaddenCity Council
11/04/1997VA Daniel MetrauxHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VAElected Phil WelchSoil and Water Conservation District
11/04/1997VA Dale Anne DiazHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VA Kathy O’HaraSoil and Water Conservation District
11/04/1997VA Sherry StanleyHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VAElected Stephanie PorrasSoil and Water Conservation District
11/04/1997VA Eli FishpawHouse of Delegates
11/04/1997VA Charles JordanHouse of Delegates
10/07/1997NM David HuttSchool Board
10/07/1997NM Abraham GuttmanCity Council
09/16/1997IA Russell LovetinskyCity Council
09/16/1997MN Tom TaylorPark and Recreation Board
09/16/1997MN Nikki Denise BakerCity Council
09/16/1997MN Joshua DavisCity Council
09/16/1997OH Rick Van LandinghamCity Council
05/13/1997NM Carol MillerU.S. House of Representatives
05/06/1997CA Nancy PearlmanCommunity College District
04/01/1997CAElected Bonnie Bade MarchPlanning Group
04/01/1997CAElected David DiehlPlanning Group
04/01/1997CAElected Aaron WilletPlanning Group
04/01/1997CA Chris PatrouchCity Council
04/01/1997NY Craig SeemanState Assembly
04/01/1997WI Bill HormanCity Council
04/01/1997WI Dan HerberMayor
02/18/1997CA Andrew TillesCharter Commission
02/18/1997CA Glynn BakerMayor
02/18/1997CA Dennis KortheuerCity Council
02/18/1997CA Rex FrankelCharter Commission
02/18/1997WI Amand CookCity Council