Summary of Green Candidates

This is a data base of all Green Party members who have run for public office in the United States since 1985, according to this definition of a Green Party candidate.

Candidates are entered into the data base once they have qualified for the ballot. Click each candidate’s name below for more information about them and their race. Use the search functions to the right on search by year, type of office or any candidate or race. Candidates not yet entered here may be found on state Green Party websites.

2013 Stats

142 Races in 2013

Election DateStateCandidateOffice
12/04/2013CA Angela IturiagaCollege Board of Trustees
12/04/2013CAElected Alex ShantzCollege Board of Trustees
11/26/2013DE Any RoeMayor
11/05/2013CAElected Jose LaraGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CAElected Joseph GauderCommunity Services District
11/05/2013CA Caroline KennyBoard of Trustees
11/05/2013CAElected Curtis RobinsonBoard of Education
11/05/2013CAElected Rama ZarcufskyBoard of Education
11/05/2013CAElected Jeffrey Dean SchwartzSchool Board
11/05/2013CAElected William LemosFire Protection District
11/05/2013CAElected Illijana AsaraCommunity Services District
11/05/2013CA Marnie GlickmanSanitary District Board
11/05/2013CA Mitcheal TolesMayor
11/05/2013CAElected Angelia HillmanSchool Board of Trustees
11/05/2013CAElected Renee GoddardTown Council
11/05/2013CAElected James HarveyWater and Sanitary District
11/05/2013CA Avito MirandaGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CAElected George WheelerCommunity Services District
11/05/2013CA Sarah StiefelGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CAElected Russell PaceFire Protection District
11/05/2013CAElected Brigitte KubackiGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CAElected Christopher SabecGoverning Board Member
11/05/2013CAElected James Duffy GriffinCommunity Services District
11/05/2013CAElected Sean ReaganSchool Board
11/05/2013CAElected Katherine SalinasSchool Board
11/05/2013CAElected Dana SilvernaleSchool Board
11/05/2013CA Gladwyn D’SouzaCity Council
11/05/2013CAElected John ReedTown Council
11/05/2013CA Mike MurphyBoard of Supervisors
11/05/2013CA Brian Lee RencherCity Council
11/05/2013CAElected William HayesPark and Recreation District
11/05/2013CTElected Leif SmithConstable
11/05/2013CT Nathan CloutierBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Thaddeus HanserBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT David MichelBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Clausel Berrouet, JrBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Zoe DeVitoBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CTElected Mirna MartinezBoard of Education
11/05/2013CT Laurie RogersSelectman
11/05/2013CTElected Daphne DixonZoning Board of Appeals Alternate
11/05/2013CT Fausto MolinaConstable
11/05/2013CT Rolf MaurerBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Hector LopezConstable
11/05/2013CT Richard DuffeeBoard of Education
11/05/2013CT Al VargasFirst Selectman
11/05/2013CT Ronna StullerCity Council
11/05/2013CT David BedellConstable
11/05/2013CT Joel FurstBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013CT Cora SantaguidaBoard of Representatives
11/05/2013MA Joe CarvalhoMayor
11/05/2013MEElected Joshua PlourdeCity Council
11/05/2013MEElected Anna TrevorrowBoard of Education
11/05/2013ME Christopher ShorrCity Council
11/05/2013MNElected Annie YoungPark and Recreation Board
11/05/2013MNElected Cam GordonCity Council
11/05/2013MN Ty MooreCity Council
11/05/2013MN Kristina GronquistCity Council
11/05/2013NC Michael ZytkowCity Council
11/05/2013NJ Steven WelzerGovernor
11/05/2013NJ Patricia AlessandriniLieutenant Governor
11/05/2013NY John ReynoldsCity Council
11/05/2013NY Jeffery PeressCity Council
11/05/2013NY Peter LaVeniaCommon Council
11/05/2013NY Beth RisoMayor
11/05/2013NY Darrin RobbinsMayor
11/05/2013NY Lori ThomasSchool Board
11/05/2013NY Miles BuddeCity Council
11/05/2013NY Barbara HumphreySchool Board
11/05/2013NY David AtiasCity Council
11/05/2013NY Christina GonzalezCity Council
11/05/2013NY Theresa PortelliMayor
11/05/2013NY Howie HawkinsCommon Council
11/05/2013NY Lynne SerpeCity Council
11/05/2013NY Emily GoodSheriff
11/05/2013NY Alex WhiteMayor
11/05/2013NY Chistine ShahinCounty Legislature
11/05/2013NY Fred BalzacTown Council
11/05/2013NY Henry (Hank) BardelBorough President
11/05/2013NY Kevin BottMayor
11/05/2013NY Julia WillebrandState Comptroller
11/05/2013NY Dorothy PaigeCity Council
11/05/2013NY Joseph DuffyMayor
11/05/2013NY Carl LundgrenBorough President
11/05/2013NY Anthony GronowiczMayor
11/05/2013NY Patrick DwyerCity Council
11/05/2013NY Thomas SiracuseCity Council
11/05/2013NY Evergreen ChouCity Council
11/05/2013NY James LanePublic Advocate
11/05/2013NY Andrew LangdonCity Council
11/05/2013NY Stephen SloaneCounty Legislature
11/05/2013OH Susie BeiersdorferCity Council
11/05/2013OH Sean NestorCity Council
11/05/2013OH Joseph DeMareCity Council
11/05/2013OH Dennis SpisakSchool Board
11/05/2013OHElected Brian CumminsCity Council
11/05/2013PAElected Eric HamellInspector of Elections
11/05/2013PAElected Tausif KhanJudge of Elections
11/05/2013PA Charles Michael FarleySchool Board
11/05/2013PAElected Douglas MasonInspector of Elections
11/05/2013PA David OchmanowiczAuditor
11/05/2013PAElected Kevin MockAuditor
11/05/2013PAElected Stephen WeisserInspector of Elections
11/05/2013PAElected Michael Bagdes-CanningBorough Council
11/05/2013PA Thomas AlbaBorough Council
11/05/2013PAElected Neil HaagenBorough Council
11/05/2013TX Don CookMayor
11/05/2013VA Audrey ClementCounty Board
10/19/2013LA Eliot BarronU.S. House of Representatives
10/03/2013RI David FisherMayor
09/10/2013NY William PeltzMayor
08/27/2013ME Daniel StromgrenState Senate
06/11/2013MEElected Malorie PastorTown Council
05/21/2013ORElected Alex PolikoffFire District
05/21/2013PA Bill SwartzState House of Representatives
05/07/2013MI Bobby JonesState Senate
05/07/2013NYElected Rebecca RotzlerVillage Trustee
05/07/2013SC Eugene PlattU.S. House of Representatives
05/02/2013CAElected Ruscal CayangyangBoard of Trustees
04/30/2013MAElected M.K. MereliceTown Meeting Member
04/23/2013DC Perry ReddCity Council
04/09/2013CAElected Karen AndersonFire District
04/09/2013CA Lee McKusickFire District
04/09/2013ILElected Kenneth WilliamsSchool Board
04/09/2013IL Rita ManiotisSchool Board
04/09/2013IL Chuck DieringerTrustee of Schools
04/09/2013IL Frank WedigTownship Trustee
04/09/2013ILElected Sandy LezonLibrary Board
04/09/2013IL Chuck DieringerBoard of Trustees
04/09/2013ILElected Robert BraamLibrary Board
04/09/2013IL LeAlan JonesU.S. House of Representatives
04/09/2013ILElected Jessica BradshawCity Council
04/09/2013ILElected Bruce SamuelsLibrary Board
04/02/2013WI Christian HansenCommon Council
04/02/2013WI C.J. TerrellCounty Board of Supervisors
04/02/2013WI Leslie PetersonCommon Council
04/02/2013WIElected Ledell ZellersCommon Council
04/02/2013WIElected Dean LoumosSchool Board
04/02/2013WI Hawk SullivanCommon Council
04/02/2013WI Barbara DavisCommon Council
03/05/2013MEElected Gilbert HarrisBudget Committee
02/19/2013WI Sarah ManskiSchool Board
01/22/2013TX Maria SelvaState Senate