Rachel Bruhnke Runs for Neighborhood Council, 2019

Election Date: 06/09/2019

Election Results

Elected Elected

Place: 1 (13 running for 17 seats)

General election (Non-Partisan, Multi-Seat, Advisory) - (Certified results)

Location: Los Angeles, CA
District: At-Large Board Member, Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council
Office term length: 2 years

Non-Partisan Race

Ran Unopposed
Incumbent Candidate

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declared winner by municipal code because race uncontested - candidate statement: I am currently a board member of CeSPNC. I believe I am an important voice on the board because, while I speak my mind about the issues, I am kind and fair to other board members and to those who might disagree. I am a good communicator, and seek to find Truth in any situation. I see local issues in global terms, and an NC as a microcosm of society. There are differences, but if the facts, evidence and common decency are always put front and center in a situation, the best and most just solutions can be found. I was born in San Pedro. My family and I are lifelong educators in this town, and I want to continue to do what I am able in order to make San Pedro, not only a better place to live, but a model for other communities to learn from and cooperate with. I am currently Chair of the Sustainability Cmte, and have spent over a decade working to improve environmental conditions in San Pedro. My home I call Harbor Farms because we grow food and care for the land, so I walk my talk. (https://clerkappsele.lacity.org/nccandidates/?ncid=85)